Mobile UI/UX Interaction Design

Aside from having 5+ years experience as a visual designer for web-based products, I spend a lot of time doing web development and designing wireframes and mockups for native apps and interfaces; so I have a pretty good understanding of technical device standards and limitations, such as native device resolutions (iOS, @2X, HDPI, XHDPI, etc.), as well as "what works in what browser", etc.

My typical process starts with business objectives — usually a bullet-point list of product requirements. Then I will create and iterate on sketches, wireframes, and/or mockups, which serve as deliverables to stakeholders and clients. I also build HTML/CSS prototypes (see the prototype to the right →).

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I also write code!

I write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and am familiar with most nodeJS frameworks and npm.

I use Sublime Text 2 & iTerm2, and my public code lives on GitHub.